MD products are dried and expanded crisps, flakes and cubes. The products can be flavored, colored and sweetened as needed and the composition can be highly customized. MD products can be made of many materials such as starch, protein dietary fiber and can be combined with nutrients such as minerals, trace-elements, amino acids or other health ingredients. The mixtures are dried and expanded by microwave, granulated under dry conditions and a fiber shape product. Volume, crispiness and the speed of re-absorption of water by the products can be adjusted by variating these drying conditions.
  • Short heating time maintains the flavor and the color of raw materials
  • Heating power can be easily adjusted by microwave intensity (watt power)
  • High energy drying: fast evaporation but short time needed, higher temperature
  • Low energy drying: slow evaporation but more time needed, lower temperature
  • Microwave drying speed also determines the release of water steam and hot air bubbles from the food
  • The size and the speed of steam and air bubble release during the evaporation can be adjusted
  • This determines the texture, the specific product density and the speed of water absorption
  • Microwaves are able to dry the food at the same time from both sides: inside and the outside
  • Highly homogenous and stable quality product
Microwave Processing allows to produce various shapes of materials

Microwave drying guarantees a wide variety of raw materials with desirable shapes that fit into the costumer’s applications and requirements:

Microwave processing allows to adjust crispiness and crunchiness of materials

MD Products can be customized and almost every formula, every plant extract or juice can be used to be transformed into a crunchy MD Product of different shapes. In case of interest for other MD products than on the list please contact us directly. The minimum production scale for customized MD products is 500 kg.